Monday, 18 April 2016

A Secure Health App for Obesity

Obesity is a widespread problem prevalent across developed nations. In fact, people in developing countries are also fighting a tough battle against obesity. The greatest concern of today is child obesity and governments of respective nations are taking active steps to deal with this epidemic. However, one can easily deal with obesity with right lifestyle choices. To help you in your efforts the Watif app brings some technological help which helps in constant monitoring.

Health App to the rescue – A health portal application which can collaborate with all things related to your medical check up, records and advice in your android device are a welcome change to carrying all medical records manually or placed on a public hosted network. Obesity can cause complications such as cardiac arrests or hypertension. To fight obesity effectively, one needs to constantly assess the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney ailments. Watif is the right app for a person fighting a hard battle against obesity.
App secure storage offers privacy – Cloud-based storages are the new security measures offering privacy and much-needed security to the app users. The smartphone requires a cloud-based storage because it speeds up the data accessing and is secure over a wireless network. The cloud-based data communication makes it easy to reproduce the medical records as and when it is required. The Watif app integrates the cloud-based data sharing with clinical data analytics and reporting which help identify health risks much earlier and take appropriate action at the right time. This app is the right choice when a patient-centric environment is desired.
Ease of carrying all medical data in a smartphone over cloud – With the ease of carrying all the analytical reports in a single device, doctor counseling is an easy job. The health app offers interaction between internationally renowned doctors and patients, in the case of emergencies. The web-based portals which store the reports have dedicated servers set up to host data. In order to retrieve data, one may have to log in as a member. The hassles of logging in are easily overcome when one uses a dedicated health portal app like Watif. The records are accessed by the swipe of a finger. A patient can choose to share the analytical data with a doctor on his/her digital blackboard.
Active advice when required – The Watif App is the patient-centric app, which allows for active dialogue between the patient and the team of specialists available online. A patient can get advice from the doctors via virtual counseling, on preventive measures to follow when following a diet regime to get rid of obesity. The team consists of established international doctors. A patient can post questions to a panel of doctors and get a reply from them within a short span of time. This not only saves the time that is spent in waiting at the doctor's clinic, but also saves lives, in the case of emergencies.
Share information only when you desire – The cloud-based environment offers privacy at its best. A patient can choose to keep all the health records to himself or share them with a doctor. Unlike the web portals where a doctor can look into the patient's reports without the patient's involvement, the Watif app lets the patient choose to give control to the doctor of his/her choice, to access the reports, so as to be able to assist in emergencies. Watif is cloud-based medical assistance which can be helpful in times of emergencies and is just a cloud call away.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Diabetes or Hypertension treatment is not just mediacation ...Its about your habits & life style

watif health app

 Diabetes or Hypertension treatment: it’s not just about insulin and medications. It’s about your everyday habits and lifestyle

As you may know both s diabetes and hypertension belong to a class of medical conditions known as non-communicable diseases or NCDs.  They cannot be easily acquired by simply catching a virus.  And they do not easily go away after just a course of antibiotics.  In fact they stay with us until the unavoidable end.
In most cases non-communicable diseases take years to develop.  Poor eating habits and nutrition, smoking, lack of exercise and high levels of prolonged stress all contribute to their development.  We all like to enjoy life but by keeping these habits up, we make it a shorter one.  No wonder hypertension is called the “silent killer” and diabetes is considered to be one of the most life-disrupting afflictions.

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Treatment of hypertension usually involves a complicated regimen of drugs with unpronounceable names and unpleasant side effects.  Similar fate awaits those with diabetes, only it is worsened by the necessity of insulin injections and blood glucose measurements.  Pricking yourself with needles several times a day is not something that diabetic patients look forward to.
What most people don’t realize is that chucking those habits that made them sick in the first place will greatly reflect on their well being and disease progression.  Even tweaking one’s lifestyle a little bit can bring forward some very positive results.  Decreasing your weight, cholesterol levels and BMI will significantly reduce the risk of developing life threatening complications.
Let’s take obesity as an example.  A vast majority of people over 35 who are obese (overweight) will develop high blood pressure at some point in their lives.  Not only that.  Obesity is proven to lead to a full blown hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke and heart attack.  The list of non-communicable diseases caused by obesity doesn’t actually stop here, it goes on and on.  And people who develop these medical conditions continue to stay overweight which causes illnesses to progress further and faster.   It’s like a vicious cycle.
But what if we could break it?  What if we could eat a little healthier, exercise a bit more and thus prolong our lives a little more as well?
The problem is that it’s not easy breaking lifelong habits without help. And that’s where Watif health app comes into the picture.Think of it as your friendly team of assistants and health care professionals, that will help you develop new, healthy habits to ease the burden of your health condition.
As you interact with Watif app you’ll find that it’s very easy to navigate and explore.  After obtaining your unique personal parameters, the app begins working for you and with you.
For example, it calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index) based on you height and weight, then shows your BMI goal and suggests steps of how to get there. Those usually involve a certain amount of weight loss through healthy eating habits and exercise.
So the app will help you establish healthier eating habits, and help you maintain them and monitor your results.  As you will start implementing changes, you can use the built-in Calorie Calculator to choose a healthier meal option and lose those pounds faster.
Watif will be systematically recording your progress and immediately show you the health benefits, such as the percentage of lowering your risk of developing complications associated with hypertension and diabetes.  It will feel extremely rewarding to see how your risks go down, and will motivate you to keep up the good work.
Similarly, if you will establish an exercise routine, Watif will monitor your test results and showcase the positive changes that will happen to your body.  Starting small is the best way to get into the habit of exercising, so even 15 min a day is already something.
Additionally Watif health app monitors your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, kidney function and much more.  This is only a fraction of what Watif health can do for you once you begin your journey together.
Keep a look out for our future posts and leave a comment below to let us know how would You be using Watif health app in Your life.
watif health app

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stay Away from Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Health App for diabetes

 Having been extremely busy the whole year with work schedule, deadlines pressure and last minute meetings I could barely manage time for my family. I was keen to make up for the lost time with a wonderful gift for my wife and vacation for my kids.Imagine my surprise when I got a gift from them in the form of Watif health app. I did not think much of mobile apps so was not too interested. Slowly when I started reading and using it, I realized it was a completely different application designed for non communicable diseases in a way that both patients and people who had not yet contracted those health problems could make good use of it and be immensely benefitted.
You may think how an app could help people who are not facing these health issues. Let me explain. What are NCDs? Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems and high cholesterol are essentially life style diseases. We are living in an age of high work pressure where personal issues take a backseat to our daily commitments. We do not realize the effect of tension, eating and working recklessly on our body organs. These slowly affect our body and diabetes etc take an upper hand. But not any more. This Watif health app is so designed that it records all the personal details of the user in a file. The weight, height, blood pressure, blood sugar etc are all recorded and over a period of time based on sound scientific knowledge the Watif health app analyses the risk of the user in developing these problems. In other words you can say it behaves like a sentinel. It starts giving warning signals to the user and if you want can also help you get medical advice from professionals. These professionals are part of a team which is constantly engaged in research  and is aware of the latest developments in the field of medical science.
Health Risk Calculator

I have become so reassured by this app that I gifted a Watif health app to my mother. She is a diabetic patient. The app has a complete record of her personal details and apart from keeping a tab on her blood parameters it also presents the changes in a graphic form which makes it very easy for her to understand the change and take appropriate measures.
What an app !! It reminds my mother about her appointment with the doctor, her daily drug schedule, her blood sugar level and even suggests the dose of insulin based on her sugar level. The records are stored in an electronic form which is with her all the time in her phone. The best part of Watif health app is that it can work even without internet facility. It has offline applications which can be accessed by the user and shared with the health provider both in a real and virtual meeting. If one goes to a remote place where health facility is not easily available, the app becomes extremely useful. It arranges a virtual meeting with the doctor and also keeps a check on the calorie intake of the user. So you can eat with a free mind because there is a Watif health app in your mobile which is keeping track of your calorie intake.

I am immensely satisfied by this app and strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to lead a healthy and happy life.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Watif Health Launched Risk Calculator for Non-Communicable Diseases

Innovation now dawns in realm of healthcare. A health management app is underway to establish its mark in the history of the medical world.  Introducing the Watif Health App. Watif Health App revolutionizes our smartphones to be our outstanding health-care tool.
Watif Health is the latest advancement of medical technology that brings scientific medical knowledge and health care at your fingertips.

It offers busy users an advanced way to manage the risk of NCD’s or Non-Communicable Diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol levels. It is an electronic health record application which gives quick access to your medical data and allows you to manage your health through your computer or android gadget.

The Watif App features an electronic record system that enables you to secure your health records online as well as to share your medical profile to health care professionals. Watif provides easy and secure access to you cloud based data. It gives you an active role in managing your disease by providing a portable, interactive, and personalized electronic health record system and various health assessment tools.

Watif has a Clinical dashboard that collects laboratory test results and clinical findings. Aside from prescriptions, Watif is also capable of storing medical images such as X-rays, ultrasound and ECG.  It provides you a medical history with specified dates and comprehensive response to prevent and control your illness. It features analytical tools to assess your health status and your risk of developing Non Communicable Diseases.  With Watif, you will be able monitor your health and detect the early risks of developing abnormal blood sugar, cardiovascular accident, Heart attack and kidney failure. Watif’s built in artificial intelligence is capable of suggesting necessary laboratory test by simply giving vital signs such as weight, height, and lab results. It will also suggest preventive measures and alternative disease management based on International treatment guidelines.

More so, as an upgrade in 90 days’ time, Watif plans to provide a community of health specialist which you can connect and interact with. This virtual consultation of doctors as well as calories and insulin calculator tools will be launched soon.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Health app for NCD- why do we need it ?

Non communicable diseases or NCD as they are popularly referred to account for more morbidity and mortality than all communicable diseases commonly seen in the world. They comprise of Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic kidney diseases,cardiovascular problems etc. Earlier they were considered to be an affliction of the rich as they are essentially life style diseases but a survey by WHO points to an entirely different scenario. It is  more prevalent in the lower income groups. This fact compelled WHO to make a commitment of trying to reduce death from NCD under 70 years of age to 25% by the year 2025.
How does a health app for NCD address this problem? A lot of people suffering from these problems have  limited access to quality medical care. A watifhealth app for NCD is designed innovatively in which information is processed for effective communication with the help of technological solutions. Watifhealth app has mastered the art of effective communication which explains the intricacies of the problem to the user in a layman’s language.
Don’t we already have several health apps in the market? Sure we do but unfortunately they are not designed by doctors. Those health portals offer very basic information and straight forward solutions which are grossly inadequate for the user. Watifhealth app is tailor made for the user who has downloaded it on his computer or android phone. It is a health portal which makes a detailed note of all the basic information provided by the patient along with his past and family history. It then analyses the risk of developing a certain NCD and even monitors the progress if the person is already afflicted by the problem.

Watifhealth portal is unique in the sense that it gives an opportunity to the patient to manage his disease by a portable, interactive personalised record system which systematically stores all the relevant data and processes the information to find the best solutions to the problem.
How is watifhealth app superior to the traditional health apps? Most of the apps running in the market are shallow and fall more in the category of games. The watifhealth app is based on abundant scientific information and analysed by a team of doctors who are involved in scientific research and study to keep themselves abreast with the latest in medical field.
Watifhealth portal is cost effective and for those people who are averse to allopathic treatment, it also suggests alternative forms of therapy based on scientific information. It also functions as an alarm system because it reminds the user to take medicines at the right time in the right dosage and even fixes an appointment with the doctor.
How can a watifhealth portal help a person living in a remote area? It is an ideal app for such users as it can fix virtual appointments and obviate the need of making personal appearance. No other health app offers such a variety of functions to suit all types of patients.

Watifhealth app for non communicable diseases should be lauded for its multiple functions, ease of carriage and use, sound scientific background and systematic storage of health parameters in one place for easy accessibility both by the user and the doctors with whom he wants to share his information. A brilliant application by any standard.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Watif Health App...a must for all ages

Are you an android phone user with multiple apps for various purposes? Well, if you do not have a watifhealth app for noncommunicable diseases you are missing the most innovative application of modern times.
You want to know why watifhealth app is a must ? We are living in a world where time management is a crucial problem for most people. The pace of life coupled with day to day work pressure makes it difficult for most people to keep a tab on their health. Keeping a bunch of laboratory reports and prescriptions and taking them to the doctor may seem an uphill task.
Watifhealth portal obviates the need of such cumbersome work. It is a smart innovative app which keeps all your health data in a personal electronic health record. You don’t require to carry any excess baggage. All your basic information, health parameters, investigations and vital signs are stored systematically in your phone which is with you all the time.

What is the use of carrying reports and vital signs all the time? This personal health record not only stores the information, it is interactive. Thus it empowers the user to take active part in the management of his problem and for Diabetics it is a boon. It analyses the sugar level and works as an insulinometer by suggesting alterations in the dose of insulin as per the requirement of the patient.
The personalised health record system of watifhealth app gives easy accessibility to reports both to the user and the doctor with whom he wants to share his information. The information is processed and communicated to the patient in a language which is easy to follow.
Watifhealth personal electronic health record acts like a clinical dashboard in which the vital signs and test reports are analysed and explained graphically. The graph helps the user to ascertain the course which his problem is taking and make lifestyle modifications accordingly. It also monitors the effect of the modifications made on the progress of disease or the likelihood of developing a certain problem if the person is not already affected.
Noncommunicable diseases are essentially life style problems. Hypertension, diabetes etc are related to obesity also. Hence a weight watch becomes a must in these situations. Watifhealth personal electronic health record also acts as a calorie calculator. It counts the calorie intake so that the user is aware and can make suitable adjustments.
Cardiovascular diseases are an important component of NCD. They are related to alcohol intake, smoking, obesity etc.Watifhealth personal electronic health record also acts as a behaviour modification tool. It will suggest the probability of developing a disease due to certain habits. After making appropriate suggestions, it will also demonstrate the effect of change in behaviour in the progress of cardiovascular diseases.

A personal record of all health parameters which one can carry with ease. Is it possible to access these records if there is no net connectivity? The Watifhealth portal is unique in this respect. It has offline functions which allows the user to access the records in the absence of internet.

This personal health record system provides a detailed , accurate analysis of the health status of the user based on scientific and medical knowledge. It is a brilliant feature which is unique to watifhealth application for noncommunicable diseases.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Watifhealth....a boon for us all

Ever since the advent of internet, we have been flooded with innumerable write ups on medical issues together with tips for their prevention and cure. There is no dearth of information but watifhealth is refreshingly different. Apart from offering valuable insights into non communicable diseases, this website has launched an application which analyses the possible risk ratio of developing problems like diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases etc.
How can an application analyse the likelihood of disease developing in a person? Yes,its because this has been scientifically evolved with an extensive data base which over a period of time analyses the inputs given by the app user. Aren't we all aware that NCD are essentially lifestyle diseases ? Any programme which strikes at the level of primary care is bound to get the best results. It can be said that the watifhealth app is an attempt to re-engineer primary health care.

What is primary health care? Primary or primordial prevention is the care given to people before the disease has taken roots in their system meaning that intervention at this stage can abort  signs and symptoms of problems before they are full blown. Watifhealth app is designed to achieve this result.
Having said that, the most logical question would be..if the disease process has already begun then would this app be of any use? Definitely. Let's take the example of hypertension and diabetes. We feed the height, weight, blood parameters, BP reading, blood sugar level etc in the app and in a graphic format we get a detailed analysis of our state of health. There will be authentic medical advice from a dedicated team of doctors regarding the drugs to be taken and need of further lab tests if they deem it necessary for further insight. If the analysis says that some lifestyle modifications would stem the progress of the disease then the person just has to follow that advice. The app will keep  track of his blood parameters and monitor the progress. Conversely, in the case of a hypertensive or diabetic patient, the app will store the prescription, lab reports and even remind the patient about his doctor appointments. It will act like an alarm clock so that no medicine is missed, no appointment is forgotten and no paper is misplaced.
We may ask if an app is qualified to make an authentic analysis? Sure it is. There is a department which keeps a check on its services and makes it foolproof to deliver the best possible results. The conclusion drawn by the app is based on a plethora of data which have been collected from a variety of cases and studied over a period of time. There is no hurry in coming to the conclusion. Life is precious and this app recognises the implication of its results.
Many people are averse to the standard drug regimens and look for alternative forms of therapy. Believe it or not, this app has been designed even for those people who prefer alternative medicine and a non traditional approach to disease management. Thus it caters to a wide audience who are willing to take just one step to circumvent any negative habit or lifestyle problem which may affect them adversely. Definitely an app to watch for and use to enhance the quality of life.