Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stay Away from Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Health App for diabetes

 Having been extremely busy the whole year with work schedule, deadlines pressure and last minute meetings I could barely manage time for my family. I was keen to make up for the lost time with a wonderful gift for my wife and vacation for my kids.Imagine my surprise when I got a gift from them in the form of Watif health app. I did not think much of mobile apps so was not too interested. Slowly when I started reading and using it, I realized it was a completely different application designed for non communicable diseases in a way that both patients and people who had not yet contracted those health problems could make good use of it and be immensely benefitted.
You may think how an app could help people who are not facing these health issues. Let me explain. What are NCDs? Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems and high cholesterol are essentially life style diseases. We are living in an age of high work pressure where personal issues take a backseat to our daily commitments. We do not realize the effect of tension, eating and working recklessly on our body organs. These slowly affect our body and diabetes etc take an upper hand. But not any more. This Watif health app is so designed that it records all the personal details of the user in a file. The weight, height, blood pressure, blood sugar etc are all recorded and over a period of time based on sound scientific knowledge the Watif health app analyses the risk of the user in developing these problems. In other words you can say it behaves like a sentinel. It starts giving warning signals to the user and if you want can also help you get medical advice from professionals. These professionals are part of a team which is constantly engaged in research  and is aware of the latest developments in the field of medical science.
Health Risk Calculator

I have become so reassured by this app that I gifted a Watif health app to my mother. She is a diabetic patient. The app has a complete record of her personal details and apart from keeping a tab on her blood parameters it also presents the changes in a graphic form which makes it very easy for her to understand the change and take appropriate measures.
What an app !! It reminds my mother about her appointment with the doctor, her daily drug schedule, her blood sugar level and even suggests the dose of insulin based on her sugar level. The records are stored in an electronic form which is with her all the time in her phone. The best part of Watif health app is that it can work even without internet facility. It has offline applications which can be accessed by the user and shared with the health provider both in a real and virtual meeting. If one goes to a remote place where health facility is not easily available, the app becomes extremely useful. It arranges a virtual meeting with the doctor and also keeps a check on the calorie intake of the user. So you can eat with a free mind because there is a Watif health app in your mobile which is keeping track of your calorie intake.

I am immensely satisfied by this app and strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to lead a healthy and happy life.