Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Health app for NCD- why do we need it ?

Non communicable diseases or NCD as they are popularly referred to account for more morbidity and mortality than all communicable diseases commonly seen in the world. They comprise of Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic kidney diseases,cardiovascular problems etc. Earlier they were considered to be an affliction of the rich as they are essentially life style diseases but a survey by WHO points to an entirely different scenario. It is  more prevalent in the lower income groups. This fact compelled WHO to make a commitment of trying to reduce death from NCD under 70 years of age to 25% by the year 2025.
How does a health app for NCD address this problem? A lot of people suffering from these problems have  limited access to quality medical care. A watifhealth app for NCD is designed innovatively in which information is processed for effective communication with the help of technological solutions. Watifhealth app has mastered the art of effective communication which explains the intricacies of the problem to the user in a layman’s language.
Don’t we already have several health apps in the market? Sure we do but unfortunately they are not designed by doctors. Those health portals offer very basic information and straight forward solutions which are grossly inadequate for the user. Watifhealth app is tailor made for the user who has downloaded it on his computer or android phone. It is a health portal which makes a detailed note of all the basic information provided by the patient along with his past and family history. It then analyses the risk of developing a certain NCD and even monitors the progress if the person is already afflicted by the problem.

Watifhealth portal is unique in the sense that it gives an opportunity to the patient to manage his disease by a portable, interactive personalised record system which systematically stores all the relevant data and processes the information to find the best solutions to the problem.
How is watifhealth app superior to the traditional health apps? Most of the apps running in the market are shallow and fall more in the category of games. The watifhealth app is based on abundant scientific information and analysed by a team of doctors who are involved in scientific research and study to keep themselves abreast with the latest in medical field.
Watifhealth portal is cost effective and for those people who are averse to allopathic treatment, it also suggests alternative forms of therapy based on scientific information. It also functions as an alarm system because it reminds the user to take medicines at the right time in the right dosage and even fixes an appointment with the doctor.
How can a watifhealth portal help a person living in a remote area? It is an ideal app for such users as it can fix virtual appointments and obviate the need of making personal appearance. No other health app offers such a variety of functions to suit all types of patients.

Watifhealth app for non communicable diseases should be lauded for its multiple functions, ease of carriage and use, sound scientific background and systematic storage of health parameters in one place for easy accessibility both by the user and the doctors with whom he wants to share his information. A brilliant application by any standard.