Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Watifhealth....a boon for us all

Ever since the advent of internet, we have been flooded with innumerable write ups on medical issues together with tips for their prevention and cure. There is no dearth of information but watifhealth is refreshingly different. Apart from offering valuable insights into non communicable diseases, this website has launched an application which analyses the possible risk ratio of developing problems like diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases etc.
How can an application analyse the likelihood of disease developing in a person? Yes,its because this has been scientifically evolved with an extensive data base which over a period of time analyses the inputs given by the app user. Aren't we all aware that NCD are essentially lifestyle diseases ? Any programme which strikes at the level of primary care is bound to get the best results. It can be said that the watifhealth app is an attempt to re-engineer primary health care.

What is primary health care? Primary or primordial prevention is the care given to people before the disease has taken roots in their system meaning that intervention at this stage can abort  signs and symptoms of problems before they are full blown. Watifhealth app is designed to achieve this result.
Having said that, the most logical question would be..if the disease process has already begun then would this app be of any use? Definitely. Let's take the example of hypertension and diabetes. We feed the height, weight, blood parameters, BP reading, blood sugar level etc in the app and in a graphic format we get a detailed analysis of our state of health. There will be authentic medical advice from a dedicated team of doctors regarding the drugs to be taken and need of further lab tests if they deem it necessary for further insight. If the analysis says that some lifestyle modifications would stem the progress of the disease then the person just has to follow that advice. The app will keep  track of his blood parameters and monitor the progress. Conversely, in the case of a hypertensive or diabetic patient, the app will store the prescription, lab reports and even remind the patient about his doctor appointments. It will act like an alarm clock so that no medicine is missed, no appointment is forgotten and no paper is misplaced.
We may ask if an app is qualified to make an authentic analysis? Sure it is. There is a department which keeps a check on its services and makes it foolproof to deliver the best possible results. The conclusion drawn by the app is based on a plethora of data which have been collected from a variety of cases and studied over a period of time. There is no hurry in coming to the conclusion. Life is precious and this app recognises the implication of its results.
Many people are averse to the standard drug regimens and look for alternative forms of therapy. Believe it or not, this app has been designed even for those people who prefer alternative medicine and a non traditional approach to disease management. Thus it caters to a wide audience who are willing to take just one step to circumvent any negative habit or lifestyle problem which may affect them adversely. Definitely an app to watch for and use to enhance the quality of life.