Monday, 18 April 2016

A Secure Health App for Obesity

Obesity is a widespread problem prevalent across developed nations. In fact, people in developing countries are also fighting a tough battle against obesity. The greatest concern of today is child obesity and governments of respective nations are taking active steps to deal with this epidemic. However, one can easily deal with obesity with right lifestyle choices. To help you in your efforts the Watif app brings some technological help which helps in constant monitoring.

Health App to the rescue – A health portal application which can collaborate with all things related to your medical check up, records and advice in your android device are a welcome change to carrying all medical records manually or placed on a public hosted network. Obesity can cause complications such as cardiac arrests or hypertension. To fight obesity effectively, one needs to constantly assess the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney ailments. Watif is the right app for a person fighting a hard battle against obesity.
App secure storage offers privacy – Cloud-based storages are the new security measures offering privacy and much-needed security to the app users. The smartphone requires a cloud-based storage because it speeds up the data accessing and is secure over a wireless network. The cloud-based data communication makes it easy to reproduce the medical records as and when it is required. The Watif app integrates the cloud-based data sharing with clinical data analytics and reporting which help identify health risks much earlier and take appropriate action at the right time. This app is the right choice when a patient-centric environment is desired.
Ease of carrying all medical data in a smartphone over cloud – With the ease of carrying all the analytical reports in a single device, doctor counseling is an easy job. The health app offers interaction between internationally renowned doctors and patients, in the case of emergencies. The web-based portals which store the reports have dedicated servers set up to host data. In order to retrieve data, one may have to log in as a member. The hassles of logging in are easily overcome when one uses a dedicated health portal app like Watif. The records are accessed by the swipe of a finger. A patient can choose to share the analytical data with a doctor on his/her digital blackboard.
Active advice when required – The Watif App is the patient-centric app, which allows for active dialogue between the patient and the team of specialists available online. A patient can get advice from the doctors via virtual counseling, on preventive measures to follow when following a diet regime to get rid of obesity. The team consists of established international doctors. A patient can post questions to a panel of doctors and get a reply from them within a short span of time. This not only saves the time that is spent in waiting at the doctor's clinic, but also saves lives, in the case of emergencies.
Share information only when you desire – The cloud-based environment offers privacy at its best. A patient can choose to keep all the health records to himself or share them with a doctor. Unlike the web portals where a doctor can look into the patient's reports without the patient's involvement, the Watif app lets the patient choose to give control to the doctor of his/her choice, to access the reports, so as to be able to assist in emergencies. Watif is cloud-based medical assistance which can be helpful in times of emergencies and is just a cloud call away.