Monday, 19 October 2015

Watif Health is the latest advancement of medical technology

Innovation now dawns in realm of healthcare. A health management app is underway to establish its mark in the history of the medical world.  Introducing the Watif Health App. Watif Health App revolutionizes our smartphones to be our outstanding health-care tool.
Watif Health is the latest advancement of medical technology that brings scientific medical knowledge and health care at your fingertips.

It offers busy users an advanced way to manage the risk of NCD’s or Non-Communicable Diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol levels. It is an electronic health record application which gives quick access to your medical data and allows you to manage your health through your computer or android gadget.
The Watif App features an electronic record system that enables you to secure your health records online as well as to share your medical profile to health care professionals. Watif provides easy and secure access to you cloud based data. It gives you an active role in managing your disease by providing a portable, interactive, and personalized electronic health record system and various health assessment tools.
Watif has a Clinical dashboard that collects laboratory test results and clinical findings. Aside from prescriptions, Watif is also capable of storing medical images such as X-rays, ultrasound and ECG.  It provides you a medical history with specified dates and comprehensive response to prevent and control your illness. It features analytical tools to assess your health status and your risk of developing Non Communicable Diseases.  With Watif, you will be able monitor your health and detect the early risks of developing abnormal blood sugar, cardiovascular accident, Heart attack and kidney failure. Watif’s built in artificial intelligence is capable of suggesting necessary laboratory test by simply giving vital signs such as weight, height, and lab results. It will also suggest preventive measures and alternative disease management based on International treatment guidelines.
Watif also has an artificial intelligence, pro-activeness protocol scheduler that provides patient assistance through automated messaging and alarm system for your scheduled appointments, medical dosages and refill times. Watif facilitates a system generated medical referral that contains your detailed medical record.
More so, as an upgrade in 90 days’ time, Watif plans to provide a community of health specialist which you can connect and interact with. This virtual consultation of doctors as well as calories and insulin calculator tools will be launched soon.

Watif takes the edge in patient care since it is written in laymen’s language which enables you to clearly understand various health conditions. It also provides a text reading functionality which allows visually failing patients to listen to medical statements and recommendations. More so, it has a significant offline functionality that enables the app to be useful even in absence of internet connectivity.
This is the edge that Watif can offer; the ability to provide a technology that significantly impacts health care and disease control. It can help us change our lifestyle for the better and save lives.
 Watif is a modernized android app for medical assessment and treatment recommendations of NCDs. This is a product of a global project with IT specialist from India, Singapore, and consultants from United States. It is also participated by a team of medical specialist and consultant in various field of medicine such as endocrinology, cardiology, hypertension and diabetes which is spearheaded and coordinated by Dr. Norman Sipula. Watif It is a health-outcome scenario analysis tool that will give each user a projected perception of health care and individual’s future health outcome. It is truly an advancement that will impact our lives for the better.