Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Watif Health App Ranked 1st in US and Within top 10 in other counries

Just imagine, a doctor knocks your door in the morning for a daily check up, makes the laboratory tests and report you at same time, provides a daily report of your health, estimates the risk of getting affected from some severe chronic diseases like,  Diabetes, hypertension Obesity, BMI, Cardio vascular disease, Heart attack, etc. Well, this imagination has become a reality now, with the innovation of a health expert app "Wat if? ". It is a health application that plays a role of a Medic and assures you a healthy life. 

Wat If? is a health application launched on 15th October, 2015 and immediately after the launch of application we came across with great number of users. It is a health application, works like calculator. It calculates the risk assessment, Helps you save EMR, Medical images & prescriptions. It has answer to major diseases such as, Diabetes, hypertension Obesity, BMI, Cardio vascular disease, Heart attack etc

Wat if? is a user friendly application. I can say most trusted application with some extraordinary features which helps you to deal with a disease and get rid of it at an early stage. It has been adapted by users in several countries including, US, UK, AUS, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, and Italy. This application has great feedback from the users and its results are magnificent. Just checkout their official website www.watifhealth.com to know more about this amazing app. You can download this application on your android phones as well. If you are not an android users simply Log-in to their website and you can also follow them on facebook. Guys, You can help your parents to use this app too.